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Iconic design and state-of-the-art charging technology

The Eve Double Pro-line is Alfen’s smart charging solution with two sockets, optimally suited for private and semi public locations. In 2017, Alfen redesigned the Eve Double Pro-line from the ground up taking into account the latest in charging technology and the needs of EV drivers. This unit has a large display screen, improved user interface, and a new high-tech, reliable ardware platform including several features along with easy configuration and operation.

Eve Double Pro-line

  • Full colour 7" LED Display
  • RFID card reader
  • Type 2 socket
  • Type 2 socket
  • Solid, durable housing
  • Optional steel mounting pole

The charging station

Built in protection

The Eve Double Pro-line is equipped with two RCDs as well as 6mA DC detection. This built-in protection allows for a more cost-efficient installation.

Easy configuration

An externally accessible Ethernet Port makes it easy to connect the Eve Double Pro-line to a PC and configure the charge point with the user friendly Installer.

Smart Charging

With its redesigned soft and hardware, the Eve Double Pro-line supports various features such as smart charging networks, load balancing and OCPP 1.6.


Charging capacity per outlet 3.7kW (16A, 230V), 7.4kW (32A, 230V), 11kW (16A, 400V), 22kW (32A, 400V)
Outlet Dual type 2 socket
Input Single or dual feeder cable
Norms and guidelines Plug & Charge, RFID
Colour Front RAL9016 (Traffic white) Rear RAL7043 (Traffic grey)
Energy (kWh) meter MID approved, suited for payments
Dimensions (LxWxD) 590 x 338 x 230mm
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